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Selling your home?

Have you thought about using a Professional Photographer?

Over the last Fifteen years I have been helping some of the top Real Estate Agents in Hamilton by photographing their listings for printed marketing materials and the internet.

There are many people selling their precious homes privately. Many of these people own or have access to a digital camera. Unfortunately most digital cameras are just not suitable to photograph Real Estate.

That's where I come in. I have the right equipment for the job and the experience necessary to show off your property at its best.

Each image you receive from me has been carefully edited. Some of these enhancements include:

  • Correcting lighting issues 
  • Straightening vertical lines 
  • Removing unwanted items, for example taking items off lawns or leaves out of swimming pools.

Other services I can offer include:

FloorPlans. Prospective buyers can see exactly how your home is layed out. I measure your home and produce a detailed floorplan to include in your marketing. I provide both 2D and 3D versions for you to use.

Video walkthrus. A dynamic way to show your property to prospective buyers. Potential buyers have the opportunity to take a virtual walk through your home, giving a realistic impression of the layout.

Aerial Photography. When ground level photography is not enough to show off the size, layout, location or grandeur of your property, having aerial images of your property will enhance your marketing.

For most homes I use a 6 metre PoleCam system, however this is sometimes not enough.

I can also offer you 360 degree Panoramic images and Virtual Tours.

Contact us to find out more information and pricing.